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Thank you for visiting! If you’re wondering what is a meme? (follow the link).

We’re looking for more meme sites to link to and icons/badges for the sites that we currently link.

Meme Requirements (for this site) – Post regularly and the topic changes weekly. There is more than that, but that’s the gist of it. Click to submit a meme.

We DO NOT post memes that are a silly picture with words on it or a video to spread around the internet. These are topical memes that readers contribute to.

Links Back
In the side bar I have a list of sites that refer here, this means someone followed a link to here from another site and it lists your site, I usually keep this for the last 5 days (sometimes it only works for one), so you do get a link back IF people visit here (that works if it’s a permanent link or just a “hey, this site lists memes” post. I tried just listing sites but it just took way too much time (sorry).

I (Gary) am personally interested in your site and would like to visit so feel free to comment, but we only list meme sites here (sites that meet the above requirements; except for exceptions).

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