Memes for ‘Any Day’

The Daily Habit

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Have you had your dose of meme today? A daily meme that gives the player a word and they can post anything they want that the word reminds them of, like a photo, song, poem, informative post, quote, etc. It doesn’t matter!

5 Things You Want Your Kids To Know (Before They Grow Up)

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Share your wisdom about the things you think you want your kids to know before they grow up… Go to the link to find out all you need to know… PS This can be lighthearted or serious, its all up to you!
This question is a always the same (see the title).

A Picture’s Worth

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“A Picture’s Worth” highlights the emotions and memories triggered by a photograph of personal significance. You are invited to “show and tell” by submitting a personal photograph with a story to explain the photograph’s significance to you. I’m not sure if they post new pictures, but it is a new picture every time you go to the site.
Please post submissions at

What kind of girl are you? do you like?

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Find out what type of girl you are (or like)?
This is info from a dating/cooking book but it seems to be catching on.

WritersDigest Writing Prompts

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The editors of Writer’s Digest have prepared Writing Prompts—idea joggers and brain starters – for each day
A new prompt each day.

Bad Scrabble Hands

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Got a bad Scrabble hand? Take a photo!
You have to submit by e-mail. And you can send bad scrabbly postcards.

Picture Yourself

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You should be the one taking the photograph and be the subject too.
Upload a picture and make a TrackBack (bottom of front page).

Signs of Life

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Looking for photos of (odd?) signs that “reveal our humanity.”
Post your photos any time. Add a photo, comment and link to your site.

Bzoink! (Surveys + Quizzes)

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A variety of survey/quizzes. Surveys are rated from G to PG to R. Plus you can create your own! generated Sunday, August 1st 2021 at 12:42:50 pm.