Memes for ‘Monday’

The Monday Movie Meme

How often: Monday | No Feedback

Each Monday, they post a theme and topic about movies and the characters and/or scenes within them. The object of this meme is simple – You write a blog post listing movies (or characters, scenes, etc. depending on the topic of the week) you’ve watched that fit the description.

Limerick-Off Monday

How often: Monday | No Feedback

They write a limerick, and you write your own, using the same first line. Then you post your limerick here (and, if you’re a Facebook user, on Facebook too). The best submission will be crowned Limerick Of The Week.

That’s My Answer!

How often: Monday, Thursday, Tuesday, Wednesday | No Feedback

The Official Question of the Day, your daily pitstop for questionable fun. They offer questions Monday through Thursday (sometimes more than one!) and a weekend Q&A.

Please leave your answers in the comments section (the author would love to see your answers). Even if you post on your own site please leave a comment in their comments so they know you’re answering along and please link back to their site).

Curious as a Cat

How often: Monday | No Feedback

Questions to think about on Monday mornings to get the brain jump-started for the week.
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