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Thank you for visiting! If you’re wondering what is a meme? (follow the link).

MEME REQUIREMENTS (for this site)
Memes listed at are supposed to require interaction from readers (they submit/publish information and/or photos related to that week’s topic).

This week’s post should be easy to find, regardless of what day a visitor visits (your link should go directly to the page that just lists the meme (a search, label or category works) or a separate blog).

We’re looking for memes that change the questions around (not something like: “Monday Mealtime – Come back a post what you ate every Monday” but “Mealtime Monday – This week’s topic is Italian food, please post a photo of your favorite Italian meal”, next week there will be a different topic) ; we do have a few we’ve grandfathered in (for now).

Your meme is a topic for others to blog about (and of course you can participate too).

Sorry, but sites need to be in English, a like to a google translated version of your page works too (some other language sites have been suggested, but I’m not even sure what language it is in). We do not post (the other kind of memes) silly photos with captions or videos that’s you’re trying to make viral.

Submit a site
If you are suggesting a meme site (what is a meme?) you MUST submit the following information (in list form, since I cut and paste):

  • Title (what is your meme called?)
  • A short description of your meme You are writing the actual (short) description that appears on the site. Please make the format similar to other sites listed here, please look at how other sites are listed.
  • What Days and Categories it should belong to? These must be categories already listed in the sidebar, you can’t make category days up.
  • Do you have a topic or theme that changes every week? – If the answer is no, then the meme WILL NOT be listed. (Monthly memes will be listed, if the topic / theme changes monthly).
  • The web address (this must be an address that takes me to this week’s question, no matter what day of the week they click, users should not have to sift through personal blog entries to find this week’s question [to me, this is key to your success and I get too many questions from people who can’t find the questions, especially when you miss it once and it’s mixed in with your blog posts] I can link via categories, tags, sometimes search or you could set the meme up on it’s own blog).
  • A badges/icon/graphic for your site (optional) List the specific URL to the image, not to the page it’s on (if I can’t figure it out, or it doesn’t look good small, I won’t include the image.

    Look at the format for the other entries this list format pretty much follows the exact way it will appear.

    Do not answer the questions for memes here; go to the site and visit and put your answers and links there.

    All submissions are read by a human. 30% of submissions are rejected because they aren’t regular or don’t have changing content. 50% are rejected because they are linking to only one post (that isn’t what we consider a meme). A small amount are awesome, but rejected because you haven’t posted anything in the few weeks since you submitted your post.

    Read the above before submitting your meme!!!

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