Memes for ‘Tuesday’

Trifecta Writing Challenge

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A weekly writing challenge where we give you one word and you give us up to 333 in return

TMI TuesdayTmituesday

How often: Tuesday | No Feedback

Come and reveal too much information, secrets, and more (adult themed).
Scroll down to tuesday to find the latest post. Post a link or your answers in the comments.

The Queen’s Meme

How often: Tuesday | No Feedback

Join Mimi Queen of Memes for a weekly set of questions. Sometimes silly, sometimes serious, but always fun! And remember: Don’t end up in the Palace dungeon…..If I were you, I’d do the meme.

TAKING A BREAK (end of sept 2012)

Tackle It Tuesday

How often: Tuesday | No Feedback

Each Tuesday you post a before and after pictures of a project or trouble area that they tackled that week.

That’s My Answer!

How often: Monday, Thursday, Tuesday, Wednesday | No Feedback

The Official Question of the Day, your daily pitstop for questionable fun. They offer questions Monday through Thursday (sometimes more than one!) and a weekend Q&A.

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