Meme Topic of ‘Writing’

Trifecta Writing Challenge

How often: Tuesday | No Feedback

A weekly writing challenge where we give you one word and you give us up to 333 in return

A Picture’s Worth

How often: Any Day | No Feedback

“A Picture’s Worth” highlights the emotions and memories triggered by a photograph of personal significance. You are invited to “show and tell” by submitting a personal photograph with a story to explain the photograph’s significance to you. I’m not sure if they post new pictures, but it is a new picture every time you go to the site.
Please post submissions at

Free-For-All Friday

How often: Monthly | No Feedback

A unique blogging meme – it isn’t about what you post, but what others post for you. You particpate by allowing the general blogging public the ability to post on your blog.
The LAST Friday of every month. Sign up on their site…

WritersDigest Writing Prompts

How often: Any Day | No Feedback

The editors of Writer’s Digest have prepared Writing Prompts—idea joggers and brain starters – for each day
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